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The Internet is defined as a global network made up of a group of computers that are connected to each other to transfer information and send it from one computer to another. The Internet was used for the first time in 1969 by the Projects Agency for Advanced Research of the United States government.

The Internet contains very many websites through which it can do a lot of tasks such as shopping, e-commerce, advertisements, knowledgeable, watching or reading entertainment content. There are millions of people using the Internet in the current era and there are also many who are proficient in information technology, creating successful content and obtaining profits. There are also huge companies that use the Internet to display their products and their daily activities.

There are also many applications that help you accomplish your tasks with ease and promote goods as well. You can also become an entrepreneur through the Internet and deal with many agencies, contractors specializing in digital marketing and dealing with customers with ease and completing and managing deals without much effort and completing many other things .

Benefits of the Internet :

publishing useful knowledge and following good manners, and making it easy to contact religious scholars to take a fatwa.

The great benefit in preparing and reading important and scientific research.

Announcing the date of the scholars ’lectures and following them up.

Learn about events, reports, statistics and studies in various fields.

Negative internet damage :

Wasting time, getting to know bad company.

Questioning beliefs, and publishing corruption, infidelity and atheism.

Neglect of worship and prayer, and accustomed to idle laziness.

The decline in the educational level, and the presence of unethical sites.

Spying on the personal secrets of others and spreading racism.

Its patrons were exposed to swindles, fraud, threats and extortion.

It contains fake love stories, and fictional friendships with unknown people.

According to the reports of the American Psychiatric Association, the sufferer suffers from this symptom, which is: Insufficient satisfaction from his use and spending all long time with him, neglect of his social life and his obligations, whether family or job.

The emergence of some psychological disorders such as moving the finger continuously and trembling.

Excessive thinking and anxiety and what is happening in it, feeling depressed and sad if no contact with him.

The most important advantage of the Internet is its spread among people, and that is the link it provides between people of different places and races. If you want to talk to another person who lives in the other hemisphere, all you need is to click on the computer buttons, and provide opportunities for all people for education at lower prices Much can anyone in the world enroll in a university he wanted to enroll in or earn for various courses while he is in his own room. Among the benefits that the Internet has provided is the link between the various markets, and for people to make goods available in various places at competitive prices.

The Internet is a double-edged sword, so your children must be monitored well while using the Internet and directing them to remember their lessons and follow-up on targeted content and keeping away from harmful content. To get profits for small projects and start projects from the ground up.

the positive points of Internet :

1 - Providing information for knowledge and learning.

2 - Speed ​​of communication.

3 - Achieving a high level of oversight and control.

4 - Site mapping and mapping.

5 - Banking services and paying bills.

6 - Working from home.

7 - Marketing and making money

Internet slips :

1 - Addiction and wasting time.

2 - Providing bad content.

3 - Causing health problems.

4 - Inability to separate from the work environment

5 - Feeling lonely.

6 - piracy.

The need to respect the privacy of your information :

It is necessary to know that the network is an open world, and therefore your information is exposed to theft at any time.

Doing to strengthen self-censorship :

One of the most important ethics of using the Internet is to strengthen censorship while using communication networks. There are no sites that prevent the publication of morally and morally offensive content, and this is dangerous, especially since the use is not limited to adults, but rather there are teenagers and young people who use the Internet.

Seeing such sites represents a danger to them and a breach of their modesty, so the solution is to download some programs that prevent pornographic content from appearing automatically, and if you search for pornography prevention programs, you will have a lot.

Never share personal information with an unknown party :

Please do not give any personal information to unknown parties or people on the Internet for any reason.

The Internet is one of the most important things in a person’s life, as it is the main nerve that moves the important concepts and things around us. The whole world communicates with each other through the Internet. The matter is not only limited to communicating in writing or by phone calls, but there are interests And financial transactions take place over the Internet.

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